Hollister Black Friday 2014 discount price offer you

Hollister Black Friday , Hollister announced, will open its first store in the local in Australia next year. Hollister in the first shop in Australia will be located in a local shopping center. It is understood, Hollister in Australia is one of the test shop move Australia apparel market, for the company in the local Abercrombie&Fitch store to open large lay a good foundation. Hollister brand said, Australia is one of the few still “to be developed” the overseas market, the brand leading young, fashion and moderate price apparel products will have a lot of space for development in the local. However, Hollister Black Friday Sale industry analysis, the Hollister brand into the Australian market will likely face fierce competition, such as David Jones, Myer department stores, these stores already provides a variety of overseas fashion brand clothing for local customers. Hollister Black Friday  (Hollister) brand was founded in 2000. In addition to open stores outside of the United States, at present the brand in the UK, Canada, Germany and China have all set up shop. Last year Hollister’s sales of $1500000000. The brand plans to the end of 2013 will be in the international market for another 20 Oteri J (outlets) store. Commonly known as “Hollister”, or HCO, is an American high-end leisure clothing brand A&F (Abercrombie & Fitch) under a brand vice line, Hollister for boys and 15-18 year old girl, to reflect the style of southern California surfing beach Black friday Hollister . Hollister products include: T-shirts, hoodies, jeans and casual wear, flip flops, perfume etc.. Hollister Black Friday Sale (Hollister) announced together popular drama < pretty little liars > actor Lluis Hale (Lucy Hale) new to create a new series of Hollister Hollister (Hollister) cooperation (Hollister) + Lucy Hale (Lucy Hale). Who is the actor, Hollister Black Friday 2014, singer, fashion multiple identities of Cenozoic actress will play its creative presentation including dresses, pants, skirt, blouse, and the cooperation of series of products Black friday Hollister , fully show the Hollister (Hollister) SoCal style. The new Hollister + Lucy Hale cooperation will be divided into two phases of landing Hollister (Hollister) stores and shop (www.hollisterco.com). The first phase will be held on August 8th, Friday listed; Hollister Black Friday 2014, while the second phase will be listed in August 29th, Friday. Hollister (Hollister) + Lucy Hale cooperation will limit sales, fans need to grab the line early Lucy Hale (Lucy Hale) cooperation series of the latest products.