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The SINGLE BEST THING about decorating my home is the guilt-free shopping. While I could never justify spending money on myself, I wouldn’t think twice at splashing the dosh on my house. Are you the same?

Why We All Need Wall Lights

In a small home like mine, wall lights perfect for freeing up space on side tables obliterating the need for table lamps. You can use them to lighten up dark corners in dingy rooms.

In bigger homes, they can cosy up a space or highlight a particular feature – like a group of vases.

They’re a grown up finishing touch that gives your room serious game! Once up on your wall – you’ll be a convert, trust me here.

Let’s start with the basics: there are two types of wall lights, ones that your electrician has to ‘hard wired’ into the wall, or ones that you can plug in, and then fix to the wall with a fitting.

Hard Wire Lighting

During my mega-renovation last year, I didn’t think about where I wanted wall lights. TBH, in the middle of the dust and mess I was happy to have walls. my mind was not on the finishing touches sadly. If I had, I these ones below would have been on on my shortlist.


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